Yasaka Ramen is the home of Authentic Homemade Japanese Ramen in Sydney. When we say homemade though, we are serious to having them homemade. Our masterful chefs make our ramen noodles in store on a daily basis to ensure that you get the finest authentic Japanese ramen possible.

We also use a very special pressure cooker in store to create our soup to ensure that we get the very best flavour out of the pork meat we use, and that you get a full-bodied soup with your authentic ramen noodles.

While you wait for your bowl of ramen to get delivered to your table, you may also witness through the glass panels your very own bowl of ramen being crafted with perfection and superiority in mind. We always make sure that you have an impeccable experience when you enjoy your bowl of ramen.


You can also taste some of our best Japanese side dishes that are also made fresh in-store, such as our popular Takoyaki, while our chefs prepare your finest bowl of Japanese ramen noodle.

Thousands of people have flocked our doors to get their taste buds indulged on some of Sydney’s finest homemade ramen noodle. Come down and enjoy what might be your best bowl of ramen noodle at one of Sydney’s most authentic Japanese ramen restaurant, Yasaka Ramen.

No Ramen, No Life.

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